Here is How I Can Best Help You Become a Best-Selling Author

On behalf of the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press team, I'm pleased to present the different ways we can work together. These include comprehensive author training, our Done For You Best-Seller Launch as well as Co-Creating & Launching Your Book VIP Service.

Take a look at the options and see the results I've helped others achieve, then let me know what is the best fit for you.

Bestseller Campaign Blueprint

My signature training to help authors become entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs become best-selling authors.

Bestseller Campaign Blueprint is an 8-module online training program that covers all aspects of completing a beautiful and marketable book, setting up a launch campaign that will send your book up the best-seller charts, and teaches you how to leverage your book to build a 6-figure business and brand.

Participants will have direct access to Jesse Krieger for laser-targeted coaching and live Q&A.

The objective of the Bestseller Campaign Blueprint is to take people through the Big IDEA framework (Ignite, Develop, Execute and Accelerate) to establish their own book-based business and brand as a #1 best-selling author.

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Daniel Munro Author of The Legendary Life

After years of trying, Jesse saved me!

Thanks to Jesse I am now officially a bestselling author. After years of trying to publish my book The Legendary Life by myself, Jesse saved me! His Bestseller Campaign Blueprint is the real deal, unlike most of the author resources out there. 

Jesse took me through each individual step, from getting the book publish-ready and looking great, through to building up sales funnels, advertising and launching. He provided specific detail and support along the way, so it was a guaranteed home run. I've seen him repeat this with EVERY single author he has supported! No one else has that kind of success rate. 

If you're an author and want to get your message out there, look no further. I will personally guarantee you hit bestseller status if you enroll with Jesse and follow his teachings.

Done For You Best-Seller Launch

Let Us Make Your Book a Best-Seller! We'll Design a Cover, Build a Campaign and Launch Your Book the Right Way

We work with you to put the finishing touches on your manuscript, get an attention-grabbing cover design and turn your book from "words on paper" to a polished finished product.

From there we develop a pre-launch campaign that builds your email list full of eager readers and qualified potential customers. This includes designing and deploying marketing web sites and driving traffic through highly-targeted advertising and promotions.

Then on Launch Day we publish and launch your book for you to hit the best-seller charts, which we have consistently accomplished on every book launch through an array of proprietary promotional strategies.

Finally we consult with you on how to best position your best-selling book as a business driver and consistently attract your ideal clients!

Ready to turn your book into a best-seller? Let's Talk!

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Dr. Clark Gaither Author of Powerful Words

Masterful, Reliable, Experienced and Genuine!

Masterful, Knowledgeable, Reliable, Energetic, Experienced, Genuine. These are the words I would use to describe Jesse Krieger of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. I engaged Jesse to launch my first book, Powerful Words, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. I excitedly watched on launch day as my book moved from 2500+ position in the Kindle Free Store to #258 while hitting the #1 position in two different categories.

It didn't stop there. Now it is moving rapidly up the PAID Rankings too as he continues to manage an ongoing ad campaign. Jesse helped me get this book from rough draft to finished product in less than 8 weeks! He isn't just a planner. He's a doer. I will, without hesitation or reservation, recommend him to anyone who wants to get their book out into the world!

Create Your Book & VIP Launch Package

Start with a VIP Day with Jesse Krieger to Map Out Your Book and Business Strategy, Then We Publish and Launch Your Book

This premium package starts with an all-day VIP Day with Jesse Krieger to map out your book and business strategy. Then Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press will publish and launch your book with our Done For You Launch Package

If you're a busy executive, or a specialist in your field, then you likely have a deep level of knowledge and experience that can be translated to an inspiring, instructional book that will grow your business and position you as the go-to expert in your field.

Work directly with Jesse Krieger and the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press team to turn your knowledge into a content framework and book outline. Then partake in a series of interviews where you'll be share your expertise on each of the topics outlined for your table of contents.

We will transcribe, edit and can even provide developmental writing support to turn your knowledge and expertise into a compelling finished book.

Co-Creation & Launch Packages start at $10,000

Ready to get that book out of your head, and into the world? Let's Talk!

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Michael Atma Author of Master Your Mindspace

Jesse made me the #1 best-selling author in THREE categories at once!

I came across Jesse and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press at a time when I was floundering with the best way to publish and promote a book I had just finished writing.

From the moment I started working with Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press I knew I had made the right decision. Not only did we achieve the #1 best selling book and hottest new release in three separate categories in Amazon, but Jesse managed to make this happen as part of a pre-launch before the book was even available for sale!

The best part of all is that this is just the beginning. Not only has Jesse helped to turn me into a #1 best selling author, he has helped to give me a framework around building a business and lifestyle from

Get the Top 3 Resources to Become a #1 Best-Seller

Learn the exact process I used to launch seven #1 best-selling books in a row and finally get that book out of your head, and into the world.

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